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Custom Furniture in Melbourne

If you enjoy entertaining outside on your patio or in your garden, there is no limit to what you can achieve when it comes to style and functionality at Eden Gallery. Whether it’s reclaimed timber in rustic, classic or contemporary designs, we are here to accommodate your style. For us quality is supremely important. Our manufacturing team are forever mindful of our company’s values to bring you high-quality reclaimed teak, pine or trembesi wood outdoor furniture without breaking your budget. We carry both small and large timber tables that are appropriate for different sized areas.

Peruse our wide range of custom furniture in Melbourne simply with a click of your mouse to find an outstanding and distinctive piece of outdoor display home furniture to compliment your home and your lifestyle. Leisure furniture is for enjoying. When you add comfort and quality together enjoyment is the end result. You need go no further. Proving very popular is our newly launched range of hand crafted teak outdoor furniture and original pieces made from reclaimed timbers. Check out our organic bench seats designed with rustic appeal in mind.

Melbourne Display Home Furniture

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You will receive a e-mail notification generally a few days before your chosen item is due to arrive at our warehouse outside Melbourne, for you to arrange a pick up time to collect your order. +61 417 90 80 22 or +61 3 875 22 872

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Synthetic Rattan, Riola, Single-seater 68cm x 74cm, Double-seater 130cm x 74cm, Table 100cm x 70cm


Synthetic Rattan, Anna, Grey rattan with creme cushions


Synthetic Rattan, Biscay, Suite Single 77cm x 87cm, Sofa 195cm x 87cm, Middle table 120cm x 70cm


Synthetic Rattan, Clayman, Single-seater 90cm x 90cm, Table 90cm x40cm


Synthetic Rattan, Gabriette, 2 Irish Coffee rattan latte with blue cushions


Synthetic Rattan, Mona


Synthetic Rattan, Lorenzo Cocktail set, barstool W55cm x H112cm, Table W80cm x H110cm


Synthetic Rattan, Anna, Irish Coffee rattan with creme & orange cushions



Trunk Terrace Homestead, 4 Stools set


Trunk Terrace Homestead, 2 Benches


Terrace Padat, 2 Benches


Gumnut Terrace Chandos, 4 Stools set


Gumnut Terrace Chandos, 4 Stools


Reclaimed Fishing Boat solid Timber, Rustic Bench Seat


Reclaimed Fishing Boat solid Timber, Rustic Bench Seat


Reclaimed Fishing Boat solid Timber, Rustic Bench Seat 4


Reclaimed Fishing Boat solid Timber, Rustic Bench Seat 1


Reclaimed Fishing Boat solid Timber, Rustic Bench Seat2


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Teak Outdoor Hawthorn, Folding Square Table, 4 Chairs, 90cm x 90cm


Teak Outdoor, Indi, Folding Round Table, 4 Chairs, 80cm


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