Enchanting Lights

Statement Lighting has become the common trend amongst people wanting that extra opulence in home appeal. We are proud to introduce our gorgeous statement lighting range of stained glass designer pieces. Hang as a single pendant or install multiple fittings in a cluster for a stunning effect. Imagine a light fitting that looks just as good off as it does when it’s on! The combination of smooth and textured stained glass with gold or blackened brass fittings creates an exciting illumination designed to enchant. The mix of glass and metal is highly desirable, fashionable and a lifestyle enhancement. Lighting is a critical and valuable component to your home design reflecting the essence of warmth and beauty as well as functionality. Your lighting style is a matter for consideration when planning a room, whether you are looking for hanging lights, table lights, wall lights or an outdoor lighting fixture let Eden Gallery add a touch of luxury but at exceptional everyday prices.

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You will receive a e-mail notification generally a few days before your chosen item is due to arrive at our warehouse outside Melbourne, for you to arrange a pick up time to collect your order. +61 417 90 80 22 or +61 3 875 22 872

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Stained Glass and brass light shade, Bola Style, Green glass, Black brass


Stained Glass and Brass light, shade, Bola Style, Multi coloured glass, Blackeded brass


Stained Glass and black brass light shade, Galata red


Stained Glass and brass light shade, Galata Blue Style, Green glass


Stained Glass Lighting, Mrk12


Stained Glass Lighting, Mrk18


Stained Glass Lighting Kubah Super XL


Stained Glass Lighting, Lentera mini


Stained Glass and Brass light shade, Sirkeci Alt Style, Multi coloured glass, Gold brass


Stained Glass Lighting, Gantung kura


Stained Glass Lighting, Pensil mahkota


Stained Glass Lighting, Duren cantik





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