Sensational Hanging Mirror Selection

The Magic of Mirrors! Create a look that enhances any room by adding ambiance and atmosphere to the setting. Hanging a mirror on any wall is like installing a window in a room with a beautiful and captivating view. A mirror adds space, openness and size to a smaller area and will make a vast blank wall spring into life. Mirrors are a form of decorative art and are an enchanting feature in your home. With a mirror you can totally transform a room into a dazzling and engaging space to enjoy for many years to come. Mirrors are the trade mark of interior designers knowing all to well the magic and appeal they can produce. Eden Gallery has sourced some of the most delightful hand carved mahogany and teak mirrors that you could find and at a remarkably low price. We work directly with the manufacturers enabling us to pass on the tremendous savings to you. At Eden Gallery we aim to provide beautiful, high quality items at the most competitive price possible. If it’s a traditional, classic, modern or a creative style that suits you, we have something for all tastes in mirrors. Take a look at our vast range today. Please ask us for help to choose the mirror that will suit your wall and your room. When purchasing a mirror the size is of utmost importance as a mirror that is too small will be out of place. Always choose the largest mirror for optimal appeal.

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You will receive a e-mail notification generally a few days before your chosen item is due to arrive at our warehouse outside Melbourne, for you to arrange a pick up time to collect your order. +61 417 90 80 22 or +61 3 875 22 872



Karwang, Gold Natural


Gelang, Gold R,114


Gelango, Gold R,98


Sose Black, Gold


Teakal, White Wash R,99


Tumpang, Silvern Gold








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